Going Batty

30th Oct 2014, 5:02 AM
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Going Batty
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Ayla StarDragon 30th Oct 2014, 5:02 AM edit delete
Follow your dreams!



chris-tar 30th Oct 2014, 5:44 AM edit delete reply
You're artwork is beautiful; smooth line work, lush colors, and great character designs.
The plots are uplifting and humorous.
Also, your comic really helps to offset the horror and gore of "The Walking Dead: Season 2: Episode 1" which I so happen to be watching at the same time that I write this. Lol
Guest 30th Oct 2014, 1:19 PM edit delete reply
Thanks ^^

Was that a good thing for that to happen? lol
chris-tar 31st Oct 2014, 3:24 AM edit delete reply
Of course, as I said, it "offset" the horror and gore, so this comic was kind of like medicine for my brain.
joan 30th Oct 2014, 7:53 AM edit delete reply
I love Ichabod so much... thank you!
Jakobs 30th Oct 2014, 9:34 AM edit delete reply
Well.... There he goes. XD
Guest 30th Oct 2014, 1:19 PM edit delete reply
How else do you even react to that? XD Haha.
Zor15 30th Oct 2014, 1:40 PM edit delete reply
Omg! Corgies + Bats = (to me anyway) cuteness.
Misunderstood 30th Oct 2014, 8:43 PM edit delete reply
Oh Dear there goes Ichabod
Misunderstood 1st Nov 2014, 1:17 AM edit delete reply
if you look back you can see that Improvment kicked you forward a lot.
Misunderstood 3rd Nov 2014, 8:49 PM edit delete reply
is Ichabod ready for thanksgiving?
Ayla StarDragon 6th Nov 2014, 7:36 AM edit delete reply
When isn't a dog ready to eat? :D
Misunderstood 26th Nov 2014, 6:27 PM edit delete reply
i don`t know! XD
Corylea 28th Nov 2014, 4:35 PM edit delete reply
I usually dislike things that are as sweet as your comic; they usually come across as saccharine to me. But your comic doesn't -- Ichabod makes me happy, without triggering any "that's so saccharine" grumpiness. So Ichabod really IS magic! :-)

Thanks for giving my day such a wonderful lift!
The Realist 27th Jan 2015, 8:10 AM edit delete reply
This is pretty cute and all, but realistically, Ichabod would have fallen to his death. But stay positive and hope that something saves you as you're plummeting to your doom.
GoldenSoul 12th Oct 2015, 10:08 AM edit delete reply
But in this case, comic logic dictates he is able to fly on the power of happiness and dreams. (to be honest, comics have done much worse illogical things than shown here and without reason, this is just an inspirational comic and does so marvelously)
SpanielGirl 6th Jan 2016, 8:44 PM edit delete reply
He's so cute! I just discovered your comic strips and I love them!!
Corgis! 22nd May 2016, 4:38 PM edit delete reply
"Aren't you concerned that he's flying?!"
"I'm used to it by now..."
Dani 8th Nov 2016, 7:58 AM edit delete reply
for real XD
Dani 8th Nov 2016, 7:57 AM edit delete reply
Dead XDD i love Ichabod so much
Butterball 11th Oct 2018, 10:27 PM edit delete reply
AWWWWWWWW and i wish i can fly like a bat.